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Programs with kids at Szent Iván’s night - 23 Jun 2018

2018. június 15. - Click for Work

Szent Iván’s night, the magical night


During the shortest night of the year we celebrate the summer solstice. According to the beliefs of old people, this is a magical night when almost anything can happen, wishes can be met. In accordance with folk traditions - worldwide - they light up joyful fires, which attribute a miraculous power.


The beliefs and customs of St. John's Day came to us from neighboring peoples on the one hand and church mediation.

There are many beliefs about St. John's Day fire. They kept these fires protecting the disease, especially the plague, and protecting crops against hail. In our country since the 16th century, it was probably, but probably already, a joy lamp at this holiday. In the Hungarian antiquity, the month of June was called St. Ivan the Month. Fire ignition was fired by shooting fire (flying) and in some parts of Hungary, especially in Nyitra County, a long singing sequence accompanied by singing the song of St. Ivan.

For almost a generation now, the night of June 23 is no longer just the celebration of the summer solstice, this will be the 16th year when the doors of the museums open at night.

The events of the Night of the Museums have a number of continuing traditions. One of them is that every year the State Secretariat for Culture chooses a central topic and a featured city. This year’s central topic is linked to the Year of the Families.

Night of the Museums - Family programs 

Várkert bazár 

From 18:30 onwards, there will be a listen-and-cuddle concer for small and bigger children, moms and dads, grandmothers and grandparents, young and old. In this performance popular songs will be heard, accompanied by cello, and by cheerful flute.

One night between locomotives

Start the night in the Hungarian Railway History Park and go for a free ride between 18 and 01 on the garden train! For each armband that has been redeemed in the park, we offer a free coupon for garden railways.

You can start the night in the Hungarian Railway History Park and go for a free ride between 18 and 01 on the garden train! For each armband that has been bought in the park, they offer a free coupon for garden railways.


 18: 00-01: 00: Possibility to travel on the garden train (special program, paid)

18: 00-01: 00: Free night cruise on the first turntable

18: 00-23: 00: Free night travel on the horse trail

18: 00-22: 00: Guided tours to take a look at teak dinning trams

21: 00-01: 00: We can walk in the light of the lampions by steam oldtimer locomotives



Some other programs:


We wish you and your family happy hours at Szent Ivan's night! If you need somebody to help you out do not forget to share it with ClickforWork.hu. 

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