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Here are some tips about what to do in the garden when it’s June, you will love all of it!

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 According to the weather forecast, the best time to go for holiday is the second half of July and between 10 and 25 August, others say the temperature will be extremely hot all along this summer here in Hungary.

We have recently started to publish what to do in the garden in each month. Now let us look through what are current activities in June. It’s time to make sure that the garden is in good shape for the summer months.

Did you know that In June still intensive growth of plants would take place, despite the already hot temperature? So when planning your garden activities besides continuous watering you should check some other things, like the followings. Are you ready?

Let's start with the roses, do you have any? Would a rose arch complete your garden’s look? Then you have plenty of tasks to do to have your roses magnificently blossoming all through summer time.  


  • The dried flowers should be carefully removed so that the rose bush does not lose too many leaves. Provide nutrition supplies.
  • If you plant the appropriate breed in the right place, you can avoid rose diseases. Cut the sick leaves immediately and do not add them to the compost!
  • Freshly planted roses need slip water well in the evening. Leaves should not be watered and well-grounded edges need little irrigation. It is worth fertilizing, especially with organic fertilizer, so roses will become stronger and more prosperous.

Check also this to learn more.

Garden hedges in your garden is an excellent natural shelter for wildlife, they deserve your attention.  Green hedges in this period are in their full growth phase, so this is the first time they need to be trimmed. Besides maintain in “A” shape, broad at the base, and don’t tidy up too much – leave leaf litter and seed heads to attract hedgehogs, birds, small mammals and insects. Then just water, and love and we're ready for our hedge. Read more about hedges here.


The neighbors’ garden is always greener? Not to be so, some research needs to be done from your side. Do you know what type of grass you have? Or do you know how much water “Vörös csenkesz” grass need? Seriously, sometimes I feel if I have planted a kitchen garden instead of planting grass, I would have less to do. Anyway June is the last month to apply lawn-sand or hormone weed killers to remove broad-leaved weeds. Hand weeding can also continue for large specimens. Watering is as important at this time of year as weeding, because plants could be easily drought. Be careful and visit this page to learn more.


Those who love a flower cannot be a bad person, by our great poet Petőfi Sándor. Read up on what you are planting, a flower garden in summer is like paradise found. But a little bit of design inspiration never goes astray. What to choose? There is plenty of design inspiration online. 

And last but not least do not forget to share your tasks, because if we want to do everything by ourselves, we can quickly realize that we will never finish even by the end of the year. Do not worry about the garden; there is surely a Hungarian student in your neighborhood, who would love to help you out!

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